Just a little about Us

Kirby Merchant Solutions has been around since 1900. We stay on top of the latest and greatest, both with "machines" and with different plans and rates, which will give each and every client of ours not only the cutting edge but the best rates! A little while ago Kirby Merchant Solution hired Ron Cohen. He brings so very much to the table, it is unbelievable. He has been in retail his entire life, not only with his family business, Boothscorner Farmers Market, but he was CEO and President of Dollar Discount Stores of America Inc. Dollar Discount was a franchise company that , at it's peak, had over 400 retail stores. Recently, Ron sold his ownership of The Valley Marketplace, which is now, a fully Amish owned Farmers Market that is located in Northeast Ohio, just outside Youngstown. Ron, not only understands the challenges of the retail industry, but he took care of all of the marketing of The Valley Marketplace, which puts him in a great position to help out someone that's looking to grow their business with the help of a retail friendly Web-Site and in combination of using the Social Media arm to grow your business.